Engineering perspective on megaliths in Egypt, Bolivia and Peru

UFOTV documentaries featuring engineer Christopher Dunn and investigator David Hatcher Childress


Andrew Collins – Gobekli Tepe: Gateway to the Stars

Researcher Andrew Collins presents his theories on the reasons for the construction of Gobekli Tepe, the oldest temple on earth so far. He gives evidence for how and why these megaliths could not have been constructed by hunter-gatherers. He also  talks about the possibilities of astronomical alignment in the construction. These temples were used for shamanic purposes.

Graham Hancock at Horizons 2014

Graham Hancock gives his perspective on psychedelics like DMT, ayahuasca, san pedro and marijuana and how they have been used since ancient times to connect with the divine/spirit. He also talks about ancient sites and civilizations, the paradoxes they bring to the forefront. There is an interesting question and answer session towards the end.

Heikki Savolainen: Electromagnetic phenomena at the Bosnian Pyramids

Heikki Savolained, sound engineer, presents information on his research at the Bosnian Pyramids. By taking measurements with electromagnetic sensors he presents his findings. This electromagnetic phenomena is related to meditation.

SBResearch: About Archaeoacoustics

International archaeoacoustics collaborative effort, SBResearch, present an introduction to what Archaeoacoustics really is and why it is worth exploring. They also talk about some of their methodologies, equipment, research and findings.

Advanced technologies in archeological explorations 1/4

Heikki Savolainen presents some of his finding of electromagnetic phenomena in Macedonia. He has transposed the electromagnetic waves to soundwaves and showcases these sounds.

I could only find the first part of this video. If you find the others, please let me know.

Gary Evans interview on human history, particularly Egypt

Gary Evans talks about the importance of Archaeoacoustics as an emerging field, how sound could have been used by ancient civilizations to elevate consciousness with meditation. He also talk about Egypt and sheds some light on the unanswered questions we have on Egypt.