Sound = vibration = consciousness = Reality

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The nature of physical reality is binary. Positive and negative. Male and female energy. This bipolarity is evident in all spheres of physical existence. You can’t have one without the other. Polar opposites.

Limbo+vectors is a paradox inspired by this duality of the reality we are collectively experiencing. It also represents my interface with reality.

Digital technology is also binary. Bits, either 0 or 1, are the most fundamental form of digital data. This is not a coincidence. Soon technology will become self aware. We are the creators of the technological dimension and are constantly adding to it our consciousness.

We will face technological singularity in the near future.

As above, so below. The Fractal nature of reality.

Sound technology and shamanism (both inseparable) were used at ancient sites to transcend the physical dimension and connect with the source of everything. Archaeoacoustics is more important that any of us can fathom. It is necessary to carry out extensive research so we can answer the fundamental questions that still plague us, who are we, where do we come from, what is the purpose of existence?

In my opinion, sound is one of the key tools to understand reality. It has many functions we have not yet discovered in this present cycle of civilization.

Present: Curating information from different spheres to unify them, along with some original content.

The aim of this blog is to make generally esoteric information available at one place to aid in the next stage of evolution of the human civilization by making you aware of the nature of reality through sound, music, art and scientific research.

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Email: limbovectors@gmail.com


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